Saturday, September 3, 2011

Greenfield Village Dance Floor

Missed a lot of folks at Greenfield last night. If you were not there you missed a great band,the  Desert Drifters.

The new floor is very nice and it will be great once we get a couple of hundred pairs of leather shoes on it. So come out and enjoy yourselves and get your shoes back in shape.

Tonight is Rich Howard and next week it is Bustin Loose on Friday and Mike Corollo on Saturday.

See you there.


  1. Where to find more info on this place? Can't find times it's open or prices or phone # or anything.

  2. Greenfield Village Resort
    111 S. Greenfield
    Mesa AZ

    The entrance is actually on Main St, just east of Greenfield. It is the first right. See map in column on the left under Dance Locations.

    Dances are listed under JohnE's Cabaret.

  3. Any places that are not just for old folks?

  4. Some of us would not consider ourselves "old". What kind of dancing are you looking for?

  5. Hi!
    My Name is Marge, I'm a 70 year old widow who recently moved to Mesa, loves to dance, and just found out about Greenfield...Was told you have a single's table so singles can find partners with whom to dance and am looking forward to coming to dance...Was sorely disappointed to discover the Elk's Club here in Mesa is filled with the smell of smoke so can't volunteer, dine or dance there...Hopefully there is no smoking at Greenfield???

  6. I am not currently aware of any regular dances at Greenfield. As far as I know, none of the Resorts allow smoking at their dances.

  7. What time does the dance 2/2/2016 start? Rich Howard right?

  8. I have no information on Tuesday dances at Towerpoint.

  9. What kind of dancing. I am 64 and do ballroom at a silver/gold level. Any men there who do that kind of dancing?

    1. From my observation there are single men at all of the dancing venues.